What Vegans Really Eat

I saw a post with this title floating around Pinterest, so I clicked on it out of curiosity. I’m (practically) a vegan, not by choice, but because my body won’t process (most) animal proteins. When I eat meat, dairy, or eggs, I’m left in pain and with … digestive repercussions. So my diet is plant based with some occasional fish which, strangely, my body can handle.

I’m always interested in what other vegans eat, usually finding that their diets are full of things I’m not interested in, like meat substitutes and scrambled tofu. This sample diet was, unfortunately, no exception. Her breakfasts were scrambled tofu with spinach and garlic or breakfast burritos with scrambled tofu. Lunch and supper featured seitan. Those just aren’t my things.

So for all the vegans who might eat simpler diets, I thought I’d post what I ate last week. It’s not very exciting, but not challenging to make and approved by the omnivores in my house. Enjoy.

Breakfast (each day with a small glass of orange juice, one cup black coffee, and water)

Monday: Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie (I used this vegan Nibmore Drinking Chocolate for the cocoa powder.)

Tuesday: Grits (Quaker instant, plain), with whole wheat toast with Earth Balance (vegan) Buttery Spread (Note: many of Quaker’s instant flavors, including bacon, are vegetarian, if not vegan.)

Wednesday: Two slices of whole wheat toast, one with Earth Balance spread, one with peanut butter

Thursday: I was on the go, so I had pita chips and a banana in the car with a grande Starbucks soy latte and a handful of mixed nuts (I keep a canister in the car)

Friday: Grits and toast (I really like grits)

Saturday: Toast and peanut butter

Lunch – I won’t go day by day here. This week, I ate either leftovers or hummus with pita chips every day. I’m on a hummus kick lately and these are the two I ate this week:

Everything Bagel Hummus and Spinach Artichoke Hummus

I did not eat lunch on Thursday, when I got shot up with Toradol and went to bed!


Monday: Vegetable soup, crusty bread (I recently started making homemade vegetable stock, which is so much easier than it sounds. As I cut veggies all the time, I throw the ends of the onions, peppers, garlic, celery, etc., the carrot peelings, the mushroom stems into a gallon freezer bag which I keep in the freezer. Once it’s full, I put it in a large stock pot with about 9 cups water and salt and pepper it, throw in a bay leaf, and let boil. Then I reduce the heat, cover it, and let it cook for about an hour. Finally, I strain it through a fine mesh strainer and I have a ton of broth, which I freeze until I need it. Easy, healthy, and a good reuse for those veggies.)

Tuesday: Broccoli Curry Udon (This girl wrote my first vegan cookbook, Veganomicon, and I still use it. Her blog is awesome.)

Wednesday: Roasted broccoli and carrots, smashed potatoes, crusty bread

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: A handful of Five Guys fries (ordered in for the fam from GrubSouth), hummus and pita chips. Not my healthiest night!


Lately, I’ve been snacking on that hummus a lot. I’ve admittedly been eating too many pita chips! It would be healthier to eat it with veggies, but …. I almost always have a handful or two of nuts during the day sometime. I’ll pick up a banana or some celery and peanut butter.

So … nothing hard. And each day, combining nuts and beans and milks, I get that pesky protein folks are always worried about. I didn’t go into this week expecting to write about it, so I didn’t make a big stir fry with fried tofu (which I do love and make often) or lots of other healthy, veggie and legume filled meals. So a simple week, not really paying attention, and still fulfilling what I need and not getting bored. Being vegan just isn’t as hard and complicated as folks make it seem.